Monday, October 1, 2012

Prospect Oct 1st

Hilight today was HOODED WARBLER, reported by Eni Falci

Hi Peter-

Here in park bird of the day was a female hooded warbler at midday on wooded hill behind Rick's place before Long Meadow -Sullivan Hill. Got good looks before it flew down slope toward Rick's. Also got a glimpse of a possible male hooded at Dongon's Oak eagle statue area but too short a look to be sure. Other good birds first yellowbellied sapsucker for me and 2 pied billed grebes at pink beach/Peninsula. Still many northern parulas and common yellow throats. Most active areas Dongon's oak and Peninsula. Ruby throated hummingbird still being faithful to Binnen/Nethermead arch area with Jewel weed.


10 warblers:

common yellowthroat 8+

black throated blue female - D. Oak walk

black & white 6+

magnolia 2 Penn. & Wellhouse

northern parula numerous

yellow rumped 3 Penn.

blackpoll 1 summacs with goldfinches

northern waterthrush 1 mulch pile area

nashville 1 D. Oak

hooded 1 female Sullivan Hill area

blue headed vireos 2 D.Oak

red eyed vireo 1 wellhouse

yellowbellied sapsucker 1 neathermead

redbellied woodpecker 5

downy woodpecker 2

flickers 5+

ruby throated hummingbird 1

Phoebe 1

red tailed hawk 1 over Neathermead

goldfinches 6+

swainson thrush 1 vale





Blue Jays

Mourning Dove

white throated sparrows Vale

Pied biled grebes 2

Swans 5