Tuesday, October 30, 2012

post Sandy's devastating aftermath

One could not walk through Prospect without seeing large trees down from Sandy's wrath. There were several large ones,two i saw along the lake edge quite big and now fallen victims.Rumor i heard was 100 + fallen trees and seen further by numerous big broken limbs. It seems like Prospect does not like all green areas get a break after two ice storms,a tornado,and now two hurricanes.Nature gets the last word. *************** On the lake,nothing unusual came in though the few days hereon should be checked in case of ultra rarity came back towards the ocean and decide to stop in. Today,it was typical stuff. Reports as well as my late afternoon trip saw these birds: 4 RING-NECK DUCKS 5 BUFFLEHEADS 2 PIED-BILLED GREBE Over 25 NORTHERN SHOVELER Over 50 RUDDY DUCK 2 GREAT EGRET west island over 15 COOT **************** During my scanning from the south shore,a timely flyover of 23 BRANT. Other birds seen: juncos,chipping sparrow,2 titmice,BC chickadee In the days to come,there will be extensive cleanup.Park is still officially close,so be safe out there.