Friday, October 12, 2012

Nelson ST Sparrow records

A review of the records revealed that yesterday's Nelson's Sparrow ( Sharp-tailed) makes this sighting the fourth such record for Prospect.  The previous dates are

March 18th, 2003  Prospect Lake/West Island  observed by PDorosh

October 24th , 2009 Baseball fields fence enclosure Obs RJett, MEyster, PDorosh ( the big sparrow date that included also Saltmarsh ST ,Clay-colored and Vesper Sparrows that day)

October 6th, 2011  Baseball field fence enclosure Observer Rob Bate, Rob Jett


Addenum:  An email this afternoon from John Ascher makes my Nelson's the fifth record.John and Chaoyan had one Oct 22nd, 2006

here below was his photo of a NESP seen in phragmites along the Peninsula Meadow lakeside