Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prospect April 24th , warm air flow , promising prospects

The warm air  foretells a promising day tomorrow as the southern warm breeze should induce migrants to move tonight.After a long spell of northern cold winds, birds might be quite tempted to head north.Tomorrow I am off (at the last minute ) and hopes arise for a good morning , not for the numbers but quality .

WORM EATING WARBLER continues to stick around in the Lullwater, either first reported at the water snag below the feeders or across the water at the Cove south area.

Today with scant reports of BLACK-THROATED GREEN, NORTHERN PARULA, YELLOW THROATED VIREO,NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH either in Greenwood cemetery or prospect makes things bright tomorrow.Here's the fingers are crossed.

Mary Eyster reported BALTIMORE ORIOLE this morning , already building a nest  at Nellies Lawn; as soon as they get here, its quick to the job ! Yellow-rumped Warblers are plentiful with the usual PALM and PINE Warblers. Many swifts and a number of BLUE HEADED VIREO according to Mary.

WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS ...well what can I say about them ? They continually to delight and puzzle, wondering if Brooklyn is too good to leave..A few pine trees up in Butterfly mead, maybe nesting is a probability...theres hope there.


From Ryan Bass

Hi Peter,

Hope you are well. 

The Lullwater was full of activity this morning. Myrtle Warblers dominated, but Pine and Palm represented well. Single N. Parula and Black-and-White. The Worm-eating Warbler continues at Lullwater Cove, where a N. Waterthrush was also active. Surprisingly, the White-winged Crossbills remain on Lookout Hill, loyal to the Butterfly Meadow. There were (3) - the Adult Male, Female, and Subadult Male. 

Photos of the Worm-eating Warbler on Flickr: