Saturday, April 27, 2013

*** SAYS' PHOEBE** Prospect

As of this post, a young SAYS PHOEBE is in the Peninsula sumacs grove adjacent to Well Drive. Seen at 11 am, it flew off but returned to the sumacs where a mob of birders are enjoying this likely first time species recorded in Prospect, the second consecutive month a first timer has decided to drop in.  Thanks to Ryan Bass spotting it  and alerting the others in his group, Mike, Dennis,Kristin,Heydi ,Bob and whoever else..

 NOTE :-) a quick check of Cornell's Ebird shows today's SAYS PHOEBE is the first sighting in Prospect's storied history..... so since my retirement at end of February as prez of BBC, that's two consecutive months a new species (March was Varied Thrush ) ..

What's in store for May ????   

From Ryan , first spotter

Subject: SAY'S PHOEBE, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
Date: Sat Apr 27 2013 12:44 pm
From: ryan.j.bass AT XXXXX
Photos from this morning's discovery can be found here:

I've embedded the location in the photos. You have to zoom in (2) layers to

see it (just hover over the map). Seen just off of Wellhouse Dr at the edge

of the Peninsula.