Monday, April 29, 2013

Prospect April 29th rare YTWA

Patience is a virtue. With  no intention to go into a frenzied chase for yesterday's Yellow Throated Warbler,   this morning the bird hung around. First sighted by Rob Bate on the south side Lullwater path just southeast of the Rustic Arbor, this YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER continued its journey towards Breeze Hill after Rob's report.

At lunchtime, I spent 30 minutes looking for this bird around the perimeter of Breeze Hill. No luck, so I left. I get to Center Drive when I got a text  from Kristin Costello that she has the bird, after changing her mind to go one direction and head back thru Breeze ( very good and wise decision). I sped back , almost falling out of my electric cart when I rounded a hard curve at the Willink Drive. When I got to the top of eastern Breeze, I screeched to a stop , unawared I stopped at a clay mud spot, splattering mud all over my jacket left arm and black pants...No matter, a quick dash  to where Kristin was, and I checked off one YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER ,seen in the oak above the east dirt mound. The funny part was Kristin could hear me coming a mile away.....  ;)>

Later, Rob Jett got the twitter tweet , made haste and re found the bird in the oak grove in Breeze Hill's meadow Oval or three Black Oaks.

A good bird for this dreary day....