Sunday, May 17, 2015

a Western tanager update,other good birds on humid day

Yesterdays WESTERN TANAGER did not venture very far from its original sighting last Tuesday in the Vale Cashmere. From a reply from Marvin Baptiste who took the Facebook photo, the Western Tanager stayed put in its second appearance seen in a dried puddle at the south entrance of the Vale just past the Zucker rustic playground. No sighting today though.Perhaps the tanager is roving around in a wider area

As consolation, a SUMMER TANAGER made its appearance at the Rock Arch bridge,then upward to the Boulder Bridge and then last report at 1:40 at the Esdale Bridge. What can I say ? The bird likes bridges... Rob Jett found the first sighting; SPaci,ARatay and KWillens were the second observers at Esdale.Also a opionated note , this summer like day with higher humidity seems right for this bird.

Not much activity as usual this spring dictates but a few good birds today. Keir Randall found PINE SISKIN at northwest Vale sweetgums, Paige Linden reported a singing HOODED WARBLER at the western border of Quaker Cemetery, Joshua Malbin reported a PHILADELPHIA VIREO at the Well Drive Lamppost 249 picnic tables brushy area.

Does the siskin know its time to go? Summer is here. ;-)