Friday, May 22, 2015

Fwd: Bicknell's Thrush this moring

Heard this morning , Bicknell Thrush still present

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Subject: Bicknell's Thrush this moring

Dear Peter,
Here is a link to dropbox with the sound file of the recording of the song of the Biknell's Thrush in the Vale from this morning. Dennis got a recording of the calls later.

This bird has now been at the Vale of Cashmere since Sunday when Simon Taylor found it. The best way to hear and see it is to walk the asphalted path from the Vale up to the Southern Edge of the Rose Garden. It usually sings there and over the next 150' along the path that descends to the playground. Although it does not sing very loud it can be heard easily and sometimes seen from the path without entering the woods.
There is also a Gray-cheeked Thrush about 300' East.
Warm regards,