Thursday, May 21, 2015

My new twitter moniker

For those of you who follow my twitter account, my moniker has changed.

The new name is The KINGSBOIDER to reflect my own person as the account owner,  was always under my power when I was previously president of the Brooklyn bird club when I set up the account then in 2010 , but was hesitant or simply lazy in changing the brand label when i am now emeritus.

But to portray more of myself for an account that now has 360 followers , it made more sense to simply keep the account, just change the name and my own profile face (see below) that will change from time to time. Furthermore, the BBC logo will no longer be used so that it avoids any confusion that tweets came from the club when it in fact was under my pen name all this time. I just gave the club free advertisement  ;) having affiliated with the club for a good 37 years.

Do nothing, simply note the name with tweets coming from THE KINGSBOIDER..

happy boiding !  Peter

The Kingsboider