Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thrushes in action

As the migration winds down, the few moments are rewarding particularly with thrushes. Mike Yuan reported rare BICKNELL's THRUSH is best discerned by its voice , heard in the Vale of Cashmere woods south of the Rose Garden. Also in the same general area, the very close relative hard to separate in the field from Bicknell's is the GRAY CHEEKED THRUSH. 

If you have very perceptive ears, listen to the songs and difference.

Bicknell's ---->

Gray Cheeked ---->

A funny note to add with my thrush sighting. Heading down to the Seeley Deli for my coffee break , on the sidewalk bordering Prospect Park Southwest Ave, a bold SWAINSON's THRUSH came out. Then it did something even bolder; it chased three HOUSE SPARROWS! Turf wars on the Brooklyn streets....