Friday, May 15, 2015

Marsh wren firehouse

It seems that a certain MARSH WREN prefers a " firehouse" or my nickname for the burnt section of Phragmites across from lamppost 249 Well Drive. Linda Evans said she saw the rare wren in the same location I had it a few days ago. The assumption is its the same bird all week from its first sighting last weekend.

Top bird honors that I was looking for all week on the lake belongs to Rob Bate. His report of a rare CLIFF SWALLOW in the Lower Lulllwater completes Prospect ' s swallow species bonanza : BARN,TREE,NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED,BANK,PURPLE MARTIN & now CLIFF. A high note for the park 2015 year.

Bird activity in Prospect has seen the same pattern all spring. Scattered reports of a minimal migration that doesn't excite this seasoned birder used to much more action .We have to work harder and with far more patience than in the past. It's one of  those off springs for birds,hopefully an aberration .

I had a few warblers on my lunch hour in the Peninsula. Hearing from Jane Chelius of a WILSONS in the cove,I investigated and instead found a wonderful looking BAY BREASTED above the road Y fork. I heard that BLACKPOLLS are prominent today,of which i did see one. A birder I met for the first time,Richard mentioned he had 13 species warblers,good diversity but again very small numbers.

Supposedly rain is predicted tomorrow and possibly south wind afterwards. Will there be birds on the way?