Monday, May 18, 2015

Still slow...

Low bird activity stills reigns the day as we reached the tail end of migration.Today instead of me just rushing around in my too little time hour lunchtime,I decided to simply sit or wait at the Vale of Cashmere.

A good strategy in staying put. I was rewarded with my only second and third spring CANADA WARBLERS. Working through the edge pool shrubs ,first a female then a gorgeous male, both CANADAS awarded me much time viewing them. As much what wasn't there at the Vale, it was a good moment to relish.

Other warbler activity was just one good pocket above the Lower Pool back gate in midafternoon.There I ran into Karen Ohearn who stayed at that spot previously and was able to count up to eight warbler species. I happened along after work and enjoyed a spectacular looking though high up male BAY BREASTED WARBLER in a giant oak; Such intense bay coloring on its flanks.BLACKPOLLS shot around in the oak canopy.

On our way home , we passed the Binnen Creek just after the Nethermead bridge. A few COMMON YELLOWTHROATS were accompanied by a quick moving WHITE EYED VIREO.

There was a moment I enjoyed during my work time getting new plants in our Nursery Propsite area. Looking up at a hovering bird, it turned out to be an AMERICAN KESTREL above the Litchfield Villa woods. It's nice to see those breeding birds making their summer home in the neighborhood.

I thought I should mention also Karen and I watched an OSPREY soaring over the boathouse bridge. It might be the local bird hunting the good prospective fish.