Monday, May 25, 2015

Fwd: Bicknell's

Based on Dale Dyer's account below,there was highly likely two BICKNELL' S THRUSHES in Prospect: one in the Vale Rose garden woods ,the other back woods of Lily Pool.

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Hi Peter

Having missed my chances to get up to the Vale on Saturday or earlier to see the staked out and cooperative Bicknell's, I tried to go directly there Sunday morning. But walking through the woods between Lilly pond and Center Drive I heard a song which I believed to be a Bicknell's. No bird was in sight, but I played the Bicknell's song from the Sibley app and instantly there was a gray-cheeked type thrush in front of me, which moved too close for binoculars on a second playing. It did not sing for me.
When I got to the Vale I mentioned my experience to some other birders, who stated "Oh no, the bird was here - we photographed it". So - is it really all that unlikely that there were two Bicknell's in the park on Sunday?