Saturday, May 16, 2015

Prospect hilights

Based on birders reports and twitter tweets I read ,a good day in Prospect . Hilights focused on non warblers with quality birds SUMMER TANAGER, ACADIAN FLYCATCHER,OLIVE SIDED FLYCATCHER, MOURNING WARBLER (singing),YELLOW BILLED CUCKOO & GRAY CHEEKED THRUSH. The BBC walk was able to to attain most of these.See the previous posts.

Usually when rain showers happens in the overnight or early morning hours, birds come down to wait out the heavy precipitation, a great opportunity for birders.

Most of these sightings occurred on Lookout Hill or the lower slopes. Butterfly Meadow saw the Summer Tanager. MOURNING WARBLER was heard on the north slope.OLIVE SIDED FC on the south slope along the mid path by the Maryland Monument.

Today Lookout Hill shines.

Greenwood Cemetery was much quieter but a GRAY CHEEKED THRUSH and YELLOW THROATED VIREO & YELLOW BELLIED FLYCATCHER were spotted at Sylvan Waters south slope at the west end.In the  same area , a female BAY BREASTED WARBLER in an oak tree .Of interest were three at least NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED SWALLOWS.