Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blue Grosbeak & Bicknells passing thru

Ed Crowne's BBC Thursday walk subbing for Tom S got a boost from a BLUE GROSBEAK male adult sighting in the Ravine Ambergill .

This afternoon , the BLUE GROSBEAK was relocated farther north at the north edge of Nellie's Lawn, at the Vale Cashmere entrance; observer was Joshua Malbin.

16 species warblers were reported by the BBC group ,counted by Rafael. My lack of time today ,only birding happened after my 330 work shift wasn't in vain. I tallied 12 species warblers,8 alone in the Ambergill bird pool on the south side of the Esdale bridge.Terrific looks of a showcasing CHESTNUT SIDED with fleeting glimpse of BAY BREASTED and several energetic NORTHERN PARULAs were hi lights.A CANADA WARBLER later appeared adding spice to the Ambergill group.Later in the Lulllwater I caught sight of a WILSON's WARBLER.

While watching the warblers at Ambergill, a very cooperative GRAY CHEEKED THRUSH was in full view along the Ambergill creek,thanks to Klemens alongside me who told me.

There were reports of singing BICKNELLS THRUSH in the Vale Cashmere
south woods.630 am this morning and again 6 this evening same area on latter.Joshua Malbin & later Klemens Gasser listening in and sighting the rare thrush.