Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If not on the first attempt, something better

On my first attempt getting my favorite warbler failed, but getting something rare is often a serendipitous moment. And thanks
with help, I wound up getting the PINE WARBLER later.

After a heads up from Rafael C on his sighting of PINE WARBLER by the boathouse, I ventured over there on my lunch hour.The report was it flew over to the west side where the willow tree was. I didn't luck in. However I ran into Kathy Toomey at the Terrace Bridge and both of us had grand views of an immature BALD EAGLE! I spotted the large blackish raptor soaring low over the Boathouse. It eventually flew towards us , veering to over Lookout Hill.Thinking it was gone for good, imagine our surprise when it reversed course and flew back , over Breeze Hill towards the rink direction. Awesome !

Later in mid afternoon, Kathy Toomey texted me saying she had the PINE WARBLER. It was generally in the same area before , along the Lullwater just past the cove. I watched it for 15 seconds before it took off for the Terrace Bridge .We also saw a RUBY CROWNED KINGLET in the same spot.

Warm day came too late so perhaps tomorrow we will see migrants .