Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Not much to report now as the chilly north wind continues to be sort of a barrier to migrants. There was a report of 3 TREE SWALLOWS over at Greenwood Cemetery at the Hillside section where the pond is.Bobbi Manian observed the swallows.

Yesterday , I saw a perched falcon at east Nethermead , turning out to be a gorgeous AMERICAN KESTREL. It stayed there until an annoying BLUE JAY wanted to make some noise. Two days before , a MERLIN at Butterfly Meadow , perched atop the large Sweetgum Tree checked in.

There's a weather forecast of warmer air flow tomorrow.The temperature is supposed to be 68 degrees with a southwest wind...Looks good....maybe the creepers will pass through.http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/new-york-ny/10007/daily-weather-forecast/349727?day=2

On the way home from work,I spotted high above West Nethermead,three soaring GREAT BLUE HERONS. They circled quite a bit.

A single PIED BILLED GREBE remains in western Prospect Lake.