Thursday, March 17, 2016

HSPD Prospect

Today's Prospect highlight is FIELD SPARROW, a bird seen in the Lullwater before the Rustic Arbor on the north side. Later it was reported at the Lullwater Cove area. Observers in order :Rob Bate, Karen O'Hearn.

An uptick of SONG SPARROWS, especially at Butterfly Meadow .Then at the Hammerhead Peninsula at southwest lake shore,a handsome and bright red FOX SPARROW in that unlikely open spot for a woods species.Sparrows start peaking generally now into April.

Another report though unverified from a park acquaintance of mine involved Blue winged Teal yesterday at West Island. Whether true or not, now is a good time to check the lake for duck transients.

Of a flashy moment, as I was walking  along the ballfield fence back to my vehicle, a quick flash of a falcon right over me , zipping thru the space bewteen the trees and above Long Meadow. I pesumed based on the skinnier wings that it was an AMERICAN KESTREL.

And finally, its AMERICAN COOT mania at the Lullwater north by the arbor as 15 birds congregated and made all sorts of weird noises