Thursday, March 24, 2016

The irony of birding

Yesterday after hearing about Pine Warblers the past two weeks,I pursued with effort a Pine warbler
spotted by Rafael. After the warbler no show my whole lunch hour , then finally on my work time for a very brief look at the bird, it was more funny today how I saw the PINE WARBLER

Near the end of my lunch hour with coworkers at our Picnic Table inside the Tennis House compound, I see a small bird fly down left from the mature Pine Tree outside the iron fence. I looked in an automatic response and see a yellowish bird perched on one of the rebar stakes of a wire fence that closes off a plant area at the Tennis House east iron wrought fence.I did a double take and thought maybe that's a Pine. I had no binoculars with me so I walked over to the fence slowly. Sure enough , its a PINE WARBLER. It flew down to the ground and subsequently searched under some leaves about ten feet from me.The bright warber stayed there for a full minute or so...Go figure.

From Twitter

Pine Warbler. Chip path going up to Butterfly Mead from top of Maryland Mont stairs.