Friday, March 4, 2016

Return of the Snowbird

The notable absence this winter of Junco hyemalis taken into account this species is present most birding days in Prospect Park is I think dramatic. My morning sighting of 18 Dark eyed Junco at the 16th Street entrance is my first in likely since before December. Where did they go? Prospect Park not good enough ?

As I watched the Juncos feed on the roadway, I took time to watch them as this species is representative of our winter woodlands. Its a shame they were missed most of the winter, given this bird's lively , energetic personality. Hence in the old days, an icon of winter woods that were were affectionately known by old time ( or ancient?) birders as "Snowbirds".

There was also a return of two other species also a bit absent under a  shorter term. From the Duck Island area  came gliding two drake WOOD DUCKs , heading towards the Peninsula thumb. And then a DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT, perched on the West Island snag was a first report in awhile as well given this water bird's usual common place in wintertime.

FOX SPARROW was reported later at the feeders per Orrin.European Goldfinch continues as well.