Monday, March 7, 2016

Yesterday at BBG

A short Sunday excursion to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to look for early spring blooms had some birds to add to my walk. Not many birds but a few species worthy to appreciate.

First, the dominant presence of the Redtailed Hawk manifested itself at the fireman south tower. Atop the highest point, the REDTAILED HAWK perched the whole time I was visiting the garden for two hours. It's establishing territorialty,  or "turf" presence to keep the Peregrine Falcons at bay I presumed.. I really dont know which has more fearness.Not far , at the Rock Garden, I see a second Redtailed perched in a large Oak tree. Interesting they are far apart in this courtship period..

The other interesting yet delightful sighting involved CEDAR WAXWINGS. While I sat on the promenade overlooking the Cherry Blossom esplanade, about 18 Waxwings were plucking the bubble like fruit of the Japanese Pagoda Tree, a bean family species.Fluttering and alighting energetically, its a special moment watching this handsome species.

On my way home , I walked along the south shore of Prospect Lake. The notable specis here behind Duck Island, at one point along the shore is a drake WOOD DUCK.It must have thought I was going to handout crumbs as I was eating some.