Sunday, April 15, 2018

wintry sunday prospect

A backdoor cold front put the halt on any migration.In a way this is a good situation for birders as birds are forced down or stick around to wait out favorable winds.

An EASTERN BLUEBIRD happen to drop in , a gorgeous looking male bird I saw thanks to Rob Bate's discovery.Staying true to the "Hammerhead" peninsula to the east of West Island, The Bluebird entertained a number of birders. While I was looking for the Yellow Throated Warbler at Terrace Bridge, I got Karen's tweet and she waited for me as I made fast haste to see it. With the harsh light and glare that makes it tough seeing for me, thanks to Karen and Marc Brawer I follow the Bluebird's roundabout within the Hammerhead.Its been a while since I've seen this species in Prospect and it makes up for not seeing the Yellow throated.

Speaking of the YELLOW THROATED WARBLER, the rare warbler stuck around,spotted this morning 840 by Ed Crowne at the Terrace Bridge where it stayed thru the morning.Later reports showed the bird staying mostly on the north side of the bridge, even visiting the pine grove.

I didn't luck in on the Yellow throated but saw two other appreciated species.My first of year- a great looking BLACK & WHITE WARBLER and BLUE GRAY GNATCATCHER appeared well at the Terrace Bridge ash tree. Also later, a drab PINE WARBLER in the same tree while I stiffed a cold wind.

PALM WARBLERS in small number were seen on the Peninsula.I saw one on the Hammerhead.Along the Lullwater, YELLOW RUMPED WARBLERS and a few more Gnatcatchers were noted.

Stay dry and warm as this nasty weather passes thru.