Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CLAY COLORED SPARROW a Maryland resident

Prospect Park

With hopeful aspirations for Saturdays count, this morning's CLAY COLORED SPARROW (CCSP) cooperated well when its quiet at the spot if favors now.( It was the original site of its appearance)

First reported by Gus Keri, then Kathy Toomey, the CCSP was seen well on the lawn close to the mugwort edges on the right side of and below  the Maryland Monument ( if you are facing up the slope). using the mugwort patch and brush for cover, it does come out if one stays a nice distance , is patient, or there is no human activity. I was able to see this bright sparrow excellently  near the hydrant. At one point it was even on the pedestrian path with an AMERICAN GOLDFINCH.

The CCSP is now officially a CBC count week bird that started today into Tuesday with Saturday's Kings CBC the official day.

( Ok enuf said.....I'm not saying anything more due to my superstitious nature)