Monday, December 15, 2014

Pics of Clay Colored Sparrow

Photo taken by Keir Randall

The rare CLAY COLORED SPARROW sighting has been confirmed by the regional Cornell Ebird monitor Doug Gochfeld

The warmer colored overtoned sparrow ( especially on breast) on the right in the photo is the CCSP bird. Compared to darker grayer Chipping Sparrow on the left, Note missing eye lore on the right bird and barely detectable white head median on a streaky head. Also the post ocular line is brown /lighter, not black/darker in Clay.a helpful mark in support of other marks.

Again , kudos to Klemens Gasser and Will Pollard present for finding this bird....fiingers crossed for the Kings CBC

Klemens digiscoped pics

I uploaded another photo to Flickr


note brownish rump ( barely detectable here) click to enlarge

Note white median head stripe on streaky to enlarge

Note whitish auricular with contrasting mustached stripe ( lowest line by throat), more contrast than Chipping