Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quiet Sunday

A quiet cold Sunday in Prospect with a few straggling hen ducks of interest. But seen on the Cornell Ebird Bitrdtrax, a late EASTERN PHOEBE.

TorinWaters reported thee PHOEBE in his ebird submittance that is rare now.

On my 2 hr walk,most interest centered on three hen ducks in the waters. Staying close to Three Sisters Islands was the hen BUFFLEHEAD. Then along the Lullwater by the pink concrete beach I sighted the hen HOODED MERGANSER. Finally getting to the Upper Pool as I searched for the Wood Duck for future purpose,I spotted the resident hen GADWALL.

The feeders revealed nothing special except the winter species. Chickadee,Titmouse,White breasted Nuthatch ,Downy Woodpecker ,Fox Sparrow will entertain us thru the cold season.


Feeder birds, photos by Paul Chung