Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Good News CCSP and Bush Terminal winter hotspot

Good news regarding the CLAY COLORED SPARROW that I feared fled the coop after its favorite spot was disrupted by Parks Forestry crews removing the tree on the Peninsula meadow.Furthermore,  another rarity made headlines at the fast growing renown winter hot spot Bush Terminal Park that only opened last month.

After seeing the dismaying sight of Parks forestry crews removing the giant fallen Linden tree the CLAY COLORED SPARROW (CCSP) was staying close to, late this afternoon, Klemens Gasser the original finder of the rare sparrow found it again at the first locale. From a bush near the Maryland Monument , the CCSP was calling and observed. So this is good news. If seen tomorrow, the rare sparrow would make the Count Week CBC period. So , fingers crossed.

Also found by Klemens, a flock of 15 MONK PARAKEETS flew over the Picnic House.Klemens is on a good roll.

Meanwhile , Bush Terminal Park is stealing a little thunder. Bobbi Manian visited that budding park that opened in early November and found a GLAUCOUS GULL on a piling observed from the stone pier. This pier is a short walk in from the main entrance of the park just inside the 43rd chain link entrance. The GLAUCOUS was  being harassed by a FISH CROW. Also, the continuing EURASIAN WIGEON stays put .

see Bobbi's checklist and photos http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S20925133

Bush Terminal will be making its debut in the Kings CBC this Saturday. After many decades closed off from the public due to its industrial restrictions, what might have Brooklyn birders missed all this time on the Bush Terminal coast?