Friday, December 12, 2014

Prospect is "Coo"- l

As expected nowadays, things are quiet , but you cherish the few moments , particularly involving a raptor.

Scanning the waters quickly for my upcoming trip , a stop at the Peninsula pink beach had me looking upward . An AMERICAN KESTREL male, the species uncommon these days, was gliding over the Breeze Hill shoreline, with a RED TAILED HAWK right behind it. So I was able to see both birds in my bins....That's a cool moment.

On the ballfields, I am sort of surprised with the large area now closed off, nothing much to report ..I was hoping for pipits or open field birds of the type. However if you like MOURNING DOVES, there's a high of 83 of them by Field One, along with 7 COWBIRDS.... 12 Days to Christmas , is it 2 Turtle doves or 83?

Nothing much on the water except the the usual suspects.....