Friday, December 26, 2014

Fwd: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Dec 26, 2014

From: Rafael Campos
Sent: Fri, Dec 26, 2014 10:32 am
Subject: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Dec 26, 2014

Slow day in the Park.  Most of the activity was around the feeders of Breezy Hill. No luck with the Clay-colored Sparrow (last seen 25 Dec 2014).

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Kings, US-NY
Dec 26, 2014 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Observer: Rafael G Campos R
Protocol: Traveling
2.0 kilometer(s)
29 species

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)  8
Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)  10
Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)  17
Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata)  X
Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis)  15
Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)  1
American Coot (Fulica americana)  16
Ring-billed Gull (Larus delawarensis)  X
Herring Gull (American) (Larus argentatus smithsonianus)  X
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) (Columba livia (Feral Pigeon))  5
Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)  8
Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)  2
Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens)  1
Hairy Woodpecker (Picoides villosus)  1
Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)  7
Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus)  12
Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)  4
White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis)  1
Winter Wren (Troglodytes hiemalis)  1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula)  1
American Robin (Turdus migratorius)  16
European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)  3
Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia)  3
White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis)  8
Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)  1
Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)  1
House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus)  1
American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)  6
House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)  3


Kingsboider note:

Megararity in NYC West village  COUCHS KINGBIRD