Saturday, January 9, 2016

long winter walk,quality one per spot

On a long winter walk to burn some calories and glucose, my birding  trek took me thru several spots , part of a 9.67 Mile jaunt that saw a nice bird at each locale. But I'm covering only areas covered by this blog .

First thru Greenwood Cemetery where juncos fluttered by, a winter raptor to report. At the Dellwater, a sizable adult COOPERS HAWK briefly perched in a sloped tree. Quiet ensued the rest of the way in the cemetery.

From the 4th avenue exit towards Bush Terminal park was my next destination. Immediately after entering the park at the water edge,I could see a dark duck. At the end of the right broken pier, my scope revealed the Drake SURF SCOTER sleeping in. Its one of ten duck species at Bush Terminal park. The other quality bird was 46 LESSER SCAUP at the west cove, along with 5 GREATER SCAUP. Amazing what this industrial enclosed small park has for duck diversity considering I had much less last weekend at Coney Island BBC walk.

I headed west after Bush, and entered the Army Terminal pier 4. About 35 Greater Scaup was the best to see, mostly quiet except for the decent array of gulls in the sanitation plant area. Some days are good, some are not.The water was too quiet today.