Sunday, January 31, 2016

slow times, but things are around

As we enter a period known for slow birding, a few things are around.Today, Prospect Park was the beneficiary of two of three good birds, sandwiching a rarity at Bush Terminal Park.

 Prospect had first call.Bobbi Manian and Dennis Hrehowsik spotted a Drake COMMON MERGANSER on Prospect Lake. It stayed though only briefly.There's bound to be more likely in the coming month. The end of the day bird is the BLACKHEADED GULL found by Klemens Gasser; it appeared also late afternoon yesterday , both sightings at the usual western shoreline of Prospect Lake. Based on latest reports, it appears the gull now comes in late afternoons.

Sandwiched by the two Prospect rarities, a group found GLAUCOUS GULL, a first or second cycle bird at Bush Terminal park south cove, the big gull on the rickety pier. It fled but later refound at the Army terminal pier 4 at 58 th street and 1 st ave ; the lucky obersvers were Karen OHearn, Chris Laskowski and Nina Bai . They also observed hen COMMON GOLDENEYE  and several BONAPARTE'S GULLS sitting on the placid water at Bush Terminal Park.