Monday, January 18, 2016

Prospect Winter

Typical of winter in city parks,one wouldn't see alot of birds. Numbers decrease and the appreciation lie in the far and in between ,spread out observations; in other words ,birding would be slow. But the few good moments makes winter birding provide a deeper meaning and appreciation of sightings.

Take for example the COOPERS HAWK.When Bobbi Manian pointed out the midsized adult raptor perched up above the Well Drive tables,I was told it stayed there two hours prior. It was a good sighting, extended looks for a slowed down bird just enjoying the sights.Later, after I left Bobbi,I saw the Coopers descend rapidly to chase a flying Mourning Dove,unsuccessfully. Better looks of a lower perched bird gave me a winter's moment.

Also thanks to Bobbi, even the exotic figured in. Exotic as in species,three EUROPEAN GOLDFINCHES give some color to the winter stark landscape, feeding in the three Sweetgum trees by the West Island gazebo.They came down quickly and landed in the phragmites.

Though I missed it,Bobbi spotted the continuing BLACK HEADED GULL earlier ,seemingly on an irregular schedule now. It was seen in the water,never coming close to the western lakeshore.There's a photo  by Bobbi ,in my other post.

A REDTAILED HAWK flew over, another winter hardy species.We always get to see that bird, always welcomed viewing in these slower winter days.