Monday, January 4, 2016

NYS Birds post regarding PABU and birding ethics

This appeared on the birding listserve. If you see any unethical behavior  regarding feeding of the Painted Bunting or encroachment of the grounds off path, please notify the Brooklyn Bird Club

And call Urban Park Rangers 718-421-2021

OR Park enforcement Patrol.  718-437- 1350

or NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The baiting of wild birds for photography construes harassment, a violation of the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and carries a heavy fine


Subject: Prospect Park Painted Bunting
Date: Sun Jan 3 2016 17:48 pm
From: robsbate AT
It has come to our attention that at least one individual has been

attempting to lure the Painted Bunting with meal worms, ostensibly to get a

better photograph opportunity.  PABU, being a seed eater with a plentiful

supply of food on the Lefrak Greenroof, has no need of supplemental

nutrition and inappropriate feeding could potentially interfere with his

impulse to leave for warmer climes should the weather around here turn

really nasty.

Many of the people who still come to see the PP-PABU come from the general

public and photographer populations and may have little acquaintance with

the ethics of birding hammered out by countless birder hours in the field.

As members of the birding community it behooves us to try and educate

people a bit on birding ethics and perhaps reduce some of the more

potentially harmful and disruptive behavior.

People have been generally respectful of the plantings and stay mostly on

the paths, and we certainly don't have the crowds of a few weeks ago, but

there are always those who, either from ignorance or high motivation, step

into the planted areas for a closer look, and now we may have some who may

be trying to feed the PABU, also from ignorance or motivation.

Please be polite and instructive when working with these people so as to

help correct the unwanted behavior as well as maintain the good reputation

birders have as caretakers of wildlife and natural habitat.  I have found

that the large percentage of people respond favorably once they understand

the dynamics of the greenroof and needs of the Painted Bunting.

Rob Bate