Friday, January 15, 2016

Prospect observations

Two notable observations, one regarding high numbers and the other the reappearance of a persistent warbler from December.

Frozen ponds and lakes attract gulls and Prospect Lake was a spot to observe them today. At least 4000 gulls occupied the lake center in the western half. Despite my hard search and scanning  carefully the gulls I didn't turn up anything unusual. But its hard though without a steady scope to study the birds, my cumbersome and heavy ten x binoculars ( an exchange for a repair send back) hard on my tiring arms.The primary three species were Ringbilled, Herring and a good number of Great Black Backed Gulls.

The other notable observation regards the ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER.As I was driving along the Well Drive on approach to the Terrace Bridge, I spotted Eni Falci. She mentioned to me she had the rare warbler in the mug wort patch before the shipping storage container at the west end of the bridge; unfortunately it had already flown off somewhere.At least this December holdover is hanging about despite its wide range .