Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Subject: Together for Birds Petition

Bird conservation is a core American value, whether inspired by the powerful flight of a Bald Eagle or the charisma of a Golden-crowned Kinglet. This value is widely supported by citizens of all political persuasions. Now, we face a critical moment. The environment was not a major issue in the recent election, but decisions made by the incoming Administration and Congress could have far-reaching impacts for birds and their habitats.
That's why we need everyone who cares about birds to join together and sign this petition to protect cornerstone legislation and other top conservation priorities. This may be the single best opportunity ever for our community to stand together for birds. Please show your support for bird conservation and ensure that the progress we have made in recent decades is preserved.
We will present the petition and signatures to the new Administration and Congress on January 23, just after the Inauguration. Please sign to show your support for bird conservation today!
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Dear [Administration and Congress],
We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, represent a broad cross-section of the bird conservation community. We aim to build a dialogue with the new Administration and Congress to promote the conservation of birds and their habitats, which are of fundamental value to the American people.

More than 60 million Americans care deeply about birds, and bird-related recreation contributes more than $36 billion to our economy. Birds also act as the "canary in the coal mine" for our environment and provide valuable benefits to society, from pollination to pest control. But birds are in trouble, with many declining in population or facing extinction. 

We endorse the following priorities to ensure that birds and their habitats continue to be effectively conserved for the benefit of all Americans. We ask that you please support:

1. THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT: Protect the Act that has helped recover our national bird, the Bald Eagle, and other species in trouble. 

2. THE MIGRATORY BIRD TREATY ACT: Safeguard the only law that exists to protect most American birds, and support the federal Duck Stamp, one of the nation's most successful conservation programs. 

3. FEDERAL FUNDING FOR BIRDS: Maintain and grow essential sources of federal support for migratory bird conservation. 

4. THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: Ensure that the EPA can continue its vital work to protect people and birds from dangerous pesticides and other toxins. 

5. LAND MANAGEMENT FOR BIRDS AND PEOPLE: Ensure that public lands remain public, are properly managed for wildlife, and that recreational access is maintained. 

We also acknowledge that many other national and state initiatives are of critical importance to birds, and that citizens and private enterprise can play vital roles in these conservation efforts. 

Let's work together for birds!
Steve Holmer
Vice President of Policy
American Bird Conservancy &
Director, Bird Conservation Alliance