Friday, December 2, 2016

Prospect Feeders 1st guest

Perhaps its a good omen that the first bird I saw feeding on the new season's Prospect feeders was a male PURPLE FINCH.With the bright morning sun all over it, that finch's raspberry color really shone ! Me and my coworker shared my binoculars and enjoyed the bird for several minutes on the right sunflower feeder before we hit the workday.

I added a Thistle feeder to the array of feeders this morning,

Other birds also joined in. Most notable, an active WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH and a TUFTED TITMOUSE fed along with the Purple Finch.On the nearby Locust tree, a DOWNY WOODPECKER made too much noise , telegraphing it presence.

Here's to the new feeder season; may it be a great one....