Monday, December 19, 2016

Its "Snow"-ing in Prospect

For the fifth consecutive day , SNOW GEESE made its presence felt in Prospect Park. Its a beautiful species, always welcomed in our park.

Today , 4 SNOW GEESE were seen in the Upper Pool. This is the pond south of the Tennis House or more specifically at the northeast corner of the Ball fields. Two juveniles along with the pair of adults swum along with the Canada Geese ;at one time all the Snow geese went ashore on the little island, also harboring 7 WOOD DUCKS.So this little rarely mentioned island is getting lots of attention.

Here's the number count I recalled for the Snow geese of the current time span recorded. Beginning December 15th: one, one, twenty -four on Count Day, three, then four today.I can't recall fluctuating numbers for this species on consecutive days in Prospect. There was a longer time span years ago, but that was a single Snow Goose hanging around Prospect Lake

At the feeders that I had to refill suet cakes,a new count week species I found. A single COMMON GRACKLE prowled the ground below the feeders, its plumage or iridescent sheen very obvious in the sunlight.

Running into Bobbi Manian, possibly another count week bird as I cant remember from Saturday. Bobbi reported flyover FISH CROWS. Daisy Paul happened along and mentioned seeing TREE SPARROW that I forgot to ask the number, another count week bird as well. Also Bobbi said there was an unidentified hawk chasing birds on the Nethermead before I tweeted out the Snow Geese report.

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