Sunday, December 4, 2016

winters early bite

Yesterdays stiff cold north wind was an early reminder of oncoming winter's bite,yet provided impetus to a few raptors making headway south.When I nearly completed my walk thru Prospect, that cold wind really tested my temperament.

A great sighting that comes along with any hard wind would be BALD EAGLE. And the beneficiary of such a sighting is Matthew Wills. He spotted the adult eagle over Greenwood Cemetery's Northwest section,specifically 35th St and 5 th Ave in the early afternoon. Imagine he mentioned to me if I had that eagle as my window "yard" bird?

Speaking of Greenwood Cemetery, another good species was reported.From Joshua's tweet following up Rob Jetts tweet, RED-SHOULDERED HAWK ( RSHA ) put in its appearance,harassed by a MERLIN. And not just one RSHA but likely a few along with more reported in southern Brooklyn locations. I know of an adult mentioned initially by Rob ; later a photo of a juvenile flyover was posted on Facebook Brooklyn Urban birders by Miriam Molnar birding Greenwood.

As for me no special raptors to report except for a highlight PURPLE FINCH. This time though instead of the bright male at the feeders Friday, a female subbed in at the feeders.Perhaps she got a text message there was good food around from him? And it appeared at the end of my conversation with birders Simon and Leia,before I called them back.It's a nice highlight mixed in with the nuthatch,titmice ,a chickadee,white throated sparrow and woodpeckers, the usual and expectant winter crowd visiting those feeders in the months ahead. That scenery would be most enjoyable without the gusty bone chilling winds though.