Sunday, December 4, 2016


With the slow days upon us as winter bears down upon us ,its a transitional period.Its time to become more accepting for the few birds that makes our days.

With Karen running into me by chance at West Island benches, we looked out towards the Prospect Lake. Far out a single PIED BILLED GREBE inhabits the lake center. It wisely avoided the crowds of NORTHERN Shovelers all clumped up doing their vortex wonders. A single AMERICAN BLACK DUCK took heed as well staying close to Three Sisters Islands. We next decided to check out the feeders.

There wasn't much activity at the feeders. A few birds - Titmouse,White Breasted Nuthatch, Downy Woodpecker -- were present. Before that we ran into Rafael Campos who mentioned seeing several FOX SPARROWS by the Rustic Arbor; those birds will eventually discover the feeders in due time so I wasn't worried. But a thought did arise to head for the rink Green roof and trust discovering the Tree

At the Rink greenroof we ran into Kathy Toomey.Sure enough Kathy had the Tree Sparrow. We pursued our target seen in the round habitat section at the upper plaza on the north side of the green roof.No luck finding it as Kathy left us. But success on our side finally when Karen spotted the Tree Sparrow perched in a service berry shrub on the the south side of the big smokestack in the center of the roof.Despite shrub branches in the way ,obscuring that good sparrow,I nevertheless got good looks.

Proceeding as chilly air began arriving after a dropping low sun, Karen and I went around the south Lake side.Many Canada Geese sailed into view off the Peninsula Thumb.A number of them were small but not definitive for the Cacklings;its my presumption given the high variability of Canada Geese that they were Lesser subspecies : however those are more central USA species.I have to inquire an expert of the Lesser species whether they are encroaching more easterly.

That question aside ,there is no doubt about a single Drake HOODED MERGANSER in the Lake center near the Peninsula meadow. It's got its crest down meaning no ladies to impress.

I read on Facebook that Miriam Molnar reported a Drake WOOD DUCK and the continuing  BALTIMORE ORIOLE at Greenwood Cemetery. I presumed the late latter bird is by Battle Hill monument to the east. I hope they stick around for the Christmas count as both would be single save birds.