Tuesday, December 12, 2017

a bird at Bush is worth two at Prospect

A few things appeared around the area, with a species uncommonly seen at relatively young Bush Terminal Park and a late species along with a rare bird at Prospect Park.

The Bush Terminal find by Paige Linden Brams was 4 AMERICAN PIPITS likely on the lawn near the sports field. I'm not sure this is the first record there.

Meanwhile at Prospect, an out of season PINE Warbler and then an hour later a reported rare BLACK-HEADED GULL seen at Prospect Lake were the good birds. The PINE WARBLER was found at the Quaker Cemetery entrance by Steve Nanz. Regarding the BLACK-HEADED GULL , Linda Ewing was the fortunate observer when she spotted the gull off the shore by the West Island rustic Shelter. Unfortunately for me I got there five minutes too late :). The gull flew off to the northwest after circling the section of the lake near its exit. Its likely the same bird seen over the weekend at Owls Head Veterans Pier as it's just as far the crow flies from Prospect. I hope it comes back for the Christmas bird count.

Speaking of the count, Count week starts tomorrow ( the three days before and after the Count Day this Saturday); So anything unusual should be reported to me.