Sunday, December 10, 2017

Summary of good stuff in the local area

As I was leading the BBC Group today,a number of tweet s indicated good stuff in our local area.

Highlighting the top bird,A BLACK HEADED GULL alighted on the Owls Head Veteran's Pier this morning,the terminus of Bay Ridge Avenue. It's no surprise that there is a sewage treatment plant there. Tripper Paul reported the good find.

Following up was another good gull,this time on Prospect lake.Kathy Toomey found a white winged gull,likely Glaucous according to her before the bird flew south. It's always good to check the gull flocks now this time of year as these rare types come in.

RED HEADED WOODPECKER continues its good stay,a residency we hope benefits the Greenwood Cemetery Xmas count crew next Saturday. Beech and Cypress avenues is the bird's abode.

Last, Tom Preston observed a flyover BALD EAGLE over Bush Terminal Park.Here come those northerners!