Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Summary of todays Prospect birds

A few species to make Prospect interesting today from three different sources.

First the 4 SNOW GEESE remained from yesterday, seen in the enclosed ball fields at western Long Meadow.Will Pollard was the observer.

Later in the morning ,Linda Ewing reported a RING NECKED DUCK in the Lullwater.

And an afternoon Kathy Toomey report of the continual COMMON GALLINULE in the second phragmite marsh down from the Wellhouse along the lake shoreline. This was if anybody remembered known as the Sora spot. I presumed its walking along the watery edge facing the lake.The best vantage might be where the red rescue ladder is.

KB Note: the 4 Snow Geese were also reported in the southwest Prospect lake at one point per a FB post