Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve birds

On this placid Christmas Eve day, it's the beauty of the stillness and the birds within the special magic this day means to us.

Four gorgeous SNOW GEESE-- all immaculate white-- slept with their heads tucked in at the Upper Pool Island. They looked serene yet a very welcomed visitor now.Meanwhile over 150 Canada Geese graced the waters with the Snows,most of them also sleeping,heads tucked in.( They must be all Santa believers)

On Prospect Lake,our good visitor the GALLINULE continues its stay, popping out occasionally along the large phragmite patch down from the Wellhouse.

That Common Gallinule has company- like people tonight celebrating Christmas Eve, with very good numbers of NORTHERN SHOVELERS. I didn't count but my estimate is easily 200 plus birds. A lone PIED BILLED GREBE glided among them. I didn't spend much time looking with errands to do. It's a quiet day,even at the feeders so haste to finish my errands.

Merry Christmas everyone,I wish you peace and good will to all.