Saturday, December 16, 2017

Xmas count raw results

A very brief note after tonight's tally until I get the list from Rick Cech our Kings CBC compiler

The total is 120 species. Prospect park despite a mostly frozen lake came up with 50 species. Most surprising or shocking was the reappearance of COMMON GALLINULE . If the same bird from several weeks ago, it showed itself along the Peninsula. I email finder Michele Dreger for details and the photo she took.

In addition, two BALTIMORE ORIOLES ,one seen on the young pine behind the Well drive picnic tables.

 SNOW GOOSE ,RED BREASTED NUTHATCH, 4 raptor species and I believe 7 save birds for Prospect meaning we had the only species of all count teams.

Many thanks to our teamers especially my south pp team for their great spotting and counting;very much obliged for their participation.

I hope to get the overall soon. I'm beat!