Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Prospect post xmas

I happened to run into old long time friend Rob Jett whom I don't encounter very often. And together we made the most of two hours birding the Prospect lake region.

I have to say we didn't see much on our casual stroll. Rob mentioned Common Ravens perched on Lookout Hill by the chain link fence. After viewing the feeders totally dominated by House Finches,we headed for the Peninsula.A quiet place,our highlight was 6 WOOD DUCKS in a flock along the south lake shore; add a hen Hooded Merganser and about 275 Northern Shovelers in the mix.A solitary Pied Billed Grebe came into view as well. A couple we ran into mentioned seeing on the Peninsula Ruby crowned Kinglets and Hermit Thrush.

A big freeze is coming our way and perhaps this will kick some action some winter finches and higher numbers of the usual winter visitors. It's getting boring around here! 😋