Monday, October 12, 2020

Fantastic experience viewing pine siskins

 It was crazy birding in the chilly rain but thru it all a rewarding experience at Greenwood cemetery.. Watching a hoard of Pine Siskins was simply fantastic.

After an initial visit to Bush terminal park, to try my luck for the Nelson's Sparrow, I  struck out for Greenwoo Cemetery. By now my raincoat was pretty soggy but I wanted to visit the Dell water for something good. And what a stroke of luck for me! For within the Dell water pond where half of it was weedy marsh I found about 25 PINE SISKINS feeding on Beggars Ticks seed.The loose seed provided abundant food for this winter finch.

Not wanting to disturb these birds after my tweet,I headed to the other side. It wasn't long when halfway down the path, a larger number of Siskins flew up into a tree. Before long just mere feet from me,I roughly counted over 70 Pine Siskins devouring Beggars Ticks seed. I sstood like a statue: one twitch and the flock goes.It might be a bone chilling rain ;And I'm crazy being exposed to the elements but the reward was well earned.