Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturdays specials

 An exciting day in various parks with rarities to report. Of course in early October when a north wind blows overnight,its expected. Starting in order of parks here goes for the top to the bottom.

Top honors goes to Greenwood cemetery having a specIal fall.. For starters, early in the morning, a flyover EASTERN MEADOWLARK ; then followed reports of a female BLUE GROSBEAK at Dell water; YELLOW BREASTED CHAT at the Morse Mausoleum; a flock 8 PINE SISKINS thru the treetops on the south ridge of Sylvan Water. Siskins -  roving winter finches- are irrupting this fall a good sign for winter birders.

Continuing their presence in GWC are CONNECTICUT WARBLER and RED HEADED WOODPECKER. The former was reported on the Hill of Graves ( ridge inside the 20th street east entrance) near lot sign 8998.The latter on the summit of Ocean Hill due southwest of Hill of graves.

Adding new sightings for GWC: GRAY CHEEKED THRUSH at the Civic Virtue statue; and a late GREAT CREASTED FLYCATCHER.


Now for PROSPECT.Not much reported In Prospect but no doubt an active day. A.BLUE GROSBEAK stayed Nellies Lawn back area. A WHITE CROWNED SPARROW showed up at the Hammerhead on southwest Lake. In  the Lake,reported by BBC Sat Walk, the rarer GREATER SCAUP duck was seen.Adding suspense, two SOLITARY SANDPIPERS battled over  water log rights with a GREEN HERON.

Some other Local northern parks reported highlights as well. Greenpoints McCarren Park saw its seasons first CONNECTICUT WARBLER by the Pool,in a garden area.

Brooklyn Biotanic Garden hosted a VESPER SPARROW..

Finally, in Brooklyn Bridge Park,LINCOLN SPARROWS occupied piers 3&6

SPARROWS will be peakng soon. For checklists simply Google the name of the park followed by Ebird hotspot checklist in your search.