Saturday, October 31, 2020

Good prognosticating: the Evening Grosbeaks come in

 As I had mention last evening -- appropriately timed I found myself correctly calling for Evening Grosbeaks to arrive in numbers. A number of reports mentioned a borough wide presence of EVENING GROSBEAKS this morning. And there was no better place than hot year Greenwood Cemetery to see them ( tho I missed out).

After a single bird report  Evening Grosbeak flyover at Prospect Butterfly Meadow., the floodgates opened at Greenwood. Single bird reports generated in several locations until a sighting of a flock at Crescent Water. These grosbeaks took off soon after but several stuck around ,with a few visiting the Dell water feeders. Ryan M snapped some photos; hopefully I will post some for the blog.

Even without seeing the prized Evening Grosbeaks, the feeders are dynamic right now. Multiple PURPLE FINCHES alongside with PINE SISKINS ensued. There is even been rare MARSH WREN acting like a mouse in the grass by the feeders and LINCOLN SPARROW.But I was happy to see a RED-BREASTSED NUTHATCH showed up at one feeder. 

Adding a bonus ,Russ A spotted a soaring BALD EAGLE over Crescent Water which most birders saw. So I wasn't disappointed despite getting up late not seeing any grosbeaks but if they stick around I'm bound to see one.