Friday, October 9, 2020

Morning walk to greenwood

 On my off day cause I was too lazy to go far,I went to Greenwood cemetery.its been a hotspot lately so why not?

 First spot I went was the hillside next to the chapel .its all grasses and native flowers therefore made sense to go there for sparrows.along Sycamore avenue I expected to see sparrows but there were none. In fact the numbers were poor today. But making up for that disappointment I did see a  gorgeous TENNEESEE WARBLER there. Next stop was the Dell water.

A little more activity but nothing unusual at Dellwater. I did run into Rob Bate and he reported a WHITE CROWNED SPARROW. I settled for my best bird a. female PURPLE FINCH. There was also a SWAINSONS THRUSH. Mike Perrin came along and mentioned to me hearing and seeing a flyover flock of 15 PINE SISKINS. This has been the hot bird lately.

a tweet I read later said  a flock of Siskins was at the Sylvan water edge with the BLUE GROSBEAK. My big miss but you can't get them all as the old cliche goes.  🐦