Thursday, October 8, 2020

Saturdays bbc birdathon teams

 Brooklyn Bird Club Fall birdathon

The official entries are in for the 2020... - Brooklyn Bird Club

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The official entries are in for the 2020 Birdathon! If you haven't picked a team to back yet there's still time. Good luck and Good Birds to all the participants. Thank you all for supporting the BBC and Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy. Now let's find some birds and give till it hurts! You can donate here:

Just put the name of the team you are sponsoring in the notes.

The Lord of the Wings (The Fellowship of the Bins)
Ryan Goldberg, Angie Co, Tina Alleva, Chaz Faxton
This band of birders will journey across Middle Kings County on a quest to destroy the One Wing to Rule Them All while simultaneously Bilbo Baggin as many birds as possible along the way. What will they encounter as they travel from Prospect Park to the fires of Mordor? Hopefully at least Merlin.

The Owls Are Not What They Team
Ryan Mandelbaum Jeana Fucello, Erin Chapman, Jim McNamee
This team is just hoping to see a little woodcock wobble.

The Queen of Kings
Akilah Lewis
The Queen of Kings (Akilah Lewis) a native Queens birder Akilah is looking forward to the delights Kings County has in store. Staying close to the coast, the birding festivities will conclude whichever comes first-high tea or high tide.

The Bureau of Avian Enumeration - From sunrise to high noon, the BAE crew will be out in Brooklyn Bridge Park, dodging strollers, crashing weddings, and making sure no bird goes uncounted. Staff: Heather Wolf, John Connor, Jer Thorp, Pilot Lidgus-Thorp. Hours: 6:30am - 12pm.

Feather Weather
Dustin Neiderman, Abby & Lily Chin-Martin, Garrett Schwab, Mackey Botticelli-Borg, Jasmine Paz
This scrappy team of novice and first-time birders will prowl the paths of the Green-Wood Cemetery from morning till evening keeping an eye out for elusive feathered critters, note-worthy tombstone inscriptions, and maybe the occasional ghost.

Wide-eyed Vireos (Ben Garron-Caine, Mike Elfassy, and Katie Cox)
The Wide-eyed Vireos are gonna catch every bird in sight- from the woodland interior to the rocky coast. They are guaranteeing at least one Vireo and at least a ninth place finish

Wandering Warblers (Rob Bate, Tracey Meade, and Alan Baratz and Janet Zinn)
"In this year of toil? and strife?
As birds migrate forth to prolong their life(s)
We Wanderers, we Warbling Wanderers
Wander through the greenery
In Brooklyn not Nantucket."

Winter B**ch Forecast (Mike Yuan, Alie Ratay,Heydi Lopes)
Winter B**ch Forecast are birding all over Brooklyn and hope to add a f**ch to their day’s tally.

Laughing SeaGulls (KarenO, Chris Laz, Linda E,, Richard P)
Eggcited to fledge our support to a good caws. We haven't hatched our clutch plan yet, we'll do it on the fly, you know-- wing it and we won't brood over nesty weather. And as always good lark to the other teams.

Timberdoodles have a Posse (Sat Walk team) Too big to be an official team the Timberdoodles and their ragtag gang of Saturday Migration walk birders will doodle to the death in Prospect Park counting all the mangy species that dare cross their path.

Baby's First Birdathon- Jen & Kestrel Kepler Born during spring migration, we are looking to make up for some of those big misses. In between bottles, diapers, and the intermittent snuggle, we will be on our quest to see an actual Kestrel (because we still have not seen one together, I get it, she's super intimidating). Multitasking never stops, even for birding.

The Wobbling Vireos – Ann Murray, Radka Osickova, and Michelle Talich (in absentia). We met on Dennis’ walks and found out we all lived in the same neighborhood. We bonded over birds and cleaning up trash in Prospect Park. We take our birds seriously but not ourselves. Birding Greenwood and Prospect Park.