Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October surprises

 As October draws near its end interesting sightings abound. The current sparrow fallout in Prospect was overshadowed by two water birds.

Doug Gochfeld found one a juvenile COMMON GALLINULE. Observed at the south shore of Duck Island,it hung along the shore infested with phragmites.It stayed throughout the day. Check the south ,southwest side of the Duck Island if it isn't out in the open.

A second water bird report occurred over the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. More marsh oriented, a five bird flock of GLOSSY IBISES flyover was observed by Dennis H and Kristin Costello.

On Prospect Lake ducks are back. Namely its the NORTHERN SHOVELER. I counted 32 birds,on the increase on the days to come for this dominant winter species. On an amusing note I watches a hen Bufflehead follow the HOODED MERGANSER pair towards 3 Sisters Islands.

 Meanwhile on land, sparrows are it. Doug reported a large flock on the lawn between Lefrak Ice Rink and Duck Island shelter. Among 200 Birds a VESPER & LINCOLN Sparrow were found. In various patches mostly mug wort at South lake shore,Song , Swamp and dominant White throated is common.

Lefrak greenroof should be birded this time of year Karen Ohearn found among 5 warbler species a Nashville and late Yellow and Black throated Green Palm,yellow rumped filled the rest.